Keenan’s Goodbye

10271528_755115471200016_3600082203772055442_nFrom the bottom of my heart I want to say it has been a pleasure and a privelege working under Mr. Edward Nyahay and alongside Anjeliko Garcia in the Journalism program here at Crespi. Due to the fact I am graduating in a few days, I will dearly miss the memories shared in the media lab and throughout the halls with the guys in Journalism. Although it will be missed, it will always be greatly appreciated. This is Keenan Casey signing off from The Celt for good.

Academic Awards Night: A New Order


Anjeliko Garcia



Encino Ca. –  Crespi Carmelite High School is a farm that breeds the next generation of strong-minded, and strong-willed thoroughbreds of academia. However, there are some that stand out more than the rest and the faculty takes the time to discern which of their students have exhibited the prowess to be recognized at Academic Awards Night. Continue reading